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… I shall now take over the world, bring me the plans!

The Bird Experiment

When I was living in a flat with no access to a garden I suddenly became obsessed with taking close ups of birds. Armed with a fat ball and a sucker I stuck it to the large window and waited. This little guy was the first in. After about an hour of battling with speed, focus, flash, glare from windows I realised this was a stupid idea and left the robin to it. From the look of his face he seems as wound up as I was about the whole experiment!


This is Dermot, he really is a dude.

Waiting for the spring

What is coming out of his…

Who needs an antenna on their ass?


So, a photo a day has already proved too much on the third day! I forgot yesterday…

I was watching a new BBC show called The Fades last night, utterly brilliant, but it reminded me of a ghost project I started about 10 years ago in college. Here are some of the ideas I started and never finished. Ahhh, the days of real film photography and a very basic photoshop!! I was a lot more inventive then, everything is too instant now a days, no time to think things through.

Freaky Fly

I have had this shot for years, it is out of focus, you can hardly tell what the subject is… But, well, it gives me the creeps. Must be the red eyes, or the contrast of colours, even the graininess. Anyway, I hope someone else gets the creeps from it too!!!

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