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Man, laundrettes are very boring places to be… Full of lines though.


Of all the guitars I have bought and sold over the years I think this is one that I very much regret selling! To be honest it didn’t play to well, but she was a beauty.

Tiger, Tiger

It was a barmy hot afternoon in the jungle… OK, I lie, I went the zoo and took this photo through the glass. Beautiful creatures, I struggle with zoos. On one hand they are the only place people get to see and learn about animals and it helps bring awareness to endangered species. On the other hand no wild animal should be kept behind glass. I always wonder if he is dreaming of chasing gazelles.

Adam Ant

Last night I went to see Adam Ant. I took my new £69 camera with me to see how she would be in dark lighting… Hahaha, not so good. Still, I was there to watch the gig, not do my usual trick of watching it through a lens. Thankfully I went with a man who was brave enough to carry me on his shoulders for a lot of the gig. I owe him dinner tonight.

Hahaha, MINIONS! 😉

2012 the B-Sides

I had a set called 2012, these are the ones that never made the grade, even though I like them enough to want to put them somewhere! The shots were taken from a burnt metal bin, where all the paint had melted and bubbled. It was a fun day. The shots reminded me of an apocalypse/ end of the world scenario…

Space (But Not As We Know It)

After a massive hiatus I have been coming up with some really crackers ideas of late, involving a lot of colours and organic material (can’t give too much away!). I am pretty proud of the new set to be honest, I think it is some of the best work I have done. Hope you enjoy them…



I have prints etc for sale at Red Bubble, as well as some other photos.

Looking forward to the next planned set, though I am keeping that well under my hat until I finish them.

Yeah, guess who forgot…

Totally forgot about this blog… D’oh!

I’ll try and keep it up again. To start with I went for a walk in the local park a few weeks back, also a few weeks back I saw a competition for Lakes and Rivers. Now I have the photo I have lost the competition! So, here it is… And with any luck I might find the comp and link it…

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