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He is my hero at the moment. Ginger, angry, but loves his evening noogies. If only humans could be that easy to figure.



Well… That was an unexpected Friday the 13th, usually I get away with them being good to me. But, nope, no lotto win and back to being an ‘I’ instead of a ‘we’. But, ho hum, cameras are there for life… *crosses fingers*

It is no surprise that I started looking at holiday photos today and come across a few old ones that I messed around with a bit in photoshop. Now, if someone could whisk me away to some sandy haven I would be grateful!



Honestly, I have a snail fetish!

I think my snail fetish is getting out of hand. I raided my parents overgrown garden when it was raining and stole many little slimers. You will be pleased to know no snails were harmed in the making of these photos. In fact they were very well fed and let out in a snail friendly environment after. Though I have put a few in with the African snails for a few more shots tomorrow. But I promise to let them back in the wild after.




If any of you guys are on Facebook give my page an add! That would be dandy

Bug Free Please!

I’ve been trying to think of different macro ideas. Loads of people shoot bugs and flowers (or dead bugs and decaying flowers in my case, at times!) so I was trying to think of something new. Then I remembered in my teens I dismantled an old motorbike and kept the cogs and springs in the back garden of my folks, with the intention of doing something when they rusted. Well… 15 odd years later I finally get round to using them!

The only thing is, I get them home, set up a few practice lights, and what do I see crawl out of a cog… A blooming baby snail! I just can’t get away from them! Looking forward to getting some good rusty shots with the cogs soon though.


Being totally honest life dashed away with me again and I just forgot about this blog. I have too many photography sites on the go and just trying to put up the best photos seems to suck up enough time, the seconds and random ones get a bit left behind

I have a Facebook page though now which seems to be easier to update, as we all know how facebook sucks away everyone’s time!

I’ve been working a load with liquids and bugs and slugs over the past few months and I ended up winning 2nd place with a photo of my African snail, Eric. I was surprised and chuffed and it has given me a bit of a boost with the photography. So, here is Eric. I’ll try and add some more liquid ideas soon!


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