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Tick Tock

Getting ever closer

Tick Tock

Clocks Forward

Don’t forget to put your clock forward this evening (well, us Brits anyway!)


Purse Frog

A purse made out of a frog. You basically put the coins up his bum! Couldn’t touch it but obviously had to take a photo!

Purse Frog

Antique Dolls (the ones that always scared you round your nans!)

I was fortunate (or unfortunate if my nightmares were anything to go by) to be able to shoot some antique dolls on my lunch break. A touch of Photoshop later and, well, good luck with your dreams tonight 😉

Antique Doll 1

Antique Doll 3

Antique Doll 2

Swiss Wood

Two Swiss wood carvings of an old man and woman, from the local auction house. I took some photos of old china dolls too, but they have freaked me out too much to finish them this evening!!

Swiss Carving 2 small

Swiss Carving 1 small

The Angel Project

A project I started 10 years ago and finally got around to finishing a few weeks back… Blame procrastination. I had a bit of an obsession with angel statues.

See more at

Angel Project 4 WM

Angel Project 8 WM

Angel Project 3 WM

Fork It

When is a fork not a fork… Got an adapter ring for my new Pentax Q so I could use some macro filters then literally started playing with my dinner, then photo shop. So, fork to crazy hippy disaster!



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