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This great blog has another weekly competition on their site. Reminded me of an old photo I took with a film camera (a long long time ago, sad to say!)


Caterpillar and Cactus

You shouldn’t try to eat that! What a good bit of protection!

caterpillar and cactus caterpillar and cactus 3 caterpillar and cactus 1

Walking to the Edge of the Unknown

Butterfly wings, silhouette image and a bit of photoshop magic

Walking to the Edge of the Unknown


The Cockchafer (or May Bug)

I’m sorry, childish I know, but I can’t stop giggling over the actual name of the May Bug. The Cockchafer beetle fly out of the ground in the UK in May time and usually cause a bit of havoc and lots of ladies screaming that they have landed in their hair. I call this one Joe. Cockchafer, May Bug

And Even More Butterflies

MDS_7374_1 MDS_7405_1swm MDS_7443_2swm MDS_7472_2swm

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