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Soldiers & Guns

MDS_0827_1swm MDS_0820_2swm MDS_0808_1swm MDS_0805swm

Bad Luck

This hover fly managed to escape the waiting death of the spiders web on the conservatory roof and then impaled himself on a cactus on the way down! Now that’s bad luck!

Bad Luck

Bond Girls

I have rented a top of the range macro lens for the weekend. Thankfully it turned up early today and the auction room is slow due to a 6 week gap between the sales so I got to have a play with some of the new items that have arrived for the next auction. We have some wonderful brass ‘Bond’ girls turn up. I love their faces. Looking forward to getting some bugs later and really putting the macro (and me) through its paces!

Bond Girl 1

Bond Girl 2


Land Ahoy!

toy boat 2

Toy Boat

Blooming Cacti

The cacti and succulents have been blooming again. After the mass ant invasion earlier this year I was wondering if they would even survive!

cacti flower

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