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Friday in the office…

… Seriously, I really do have one of the best jobs in the world working in an auction house. An original Dinky shooting Enterprise turns up in a box of cars. Added ‘Gorn’ thanks to the lego men obsession I seem to have at the moment!  Don’t think there will be much work done today!

NCC-1701 Enterprise

Bang Bang

Couple of old muskets that came through the auction house Wish I put a bid on them !

Gun 1

Gun 3

Skull. Flowers and the Moths

What do you do when you’re given lovely flowers at work and find a load of dead moths in your upturned lamp…

In other news I have changed the website address and updated it! Also have a new contact email –

Skull moth

The Devil Ate The Butterflies

The Devil Ate The Butterflies

Jack the Badger Skull

Jack the badger skull… My obsession with the dead butterflies has taken a turn for the worse. Jack lives in a bell jar on the fireplace.

MDS_2799_1s MDS_2783_1s MDS_2779_1s MDS_2778_1s MDS_2775_1s MDS_2770_1s MDS_2766_1s MDS_2764_1s


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