Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Clocks Were Sold…

… And the Keys Left Behind

Clock Keys


This Face Sums Up That Monday Feeling

Monday Feeling

Weirdly obsessional…

After buying Jack the badger in the bell jar a few months back things have got obsessional… Weird photo ideas brewing!



Agggh! Please bring on the weekend!


Time Flies

Having a massive busy on with the skulls, and voodoo, and tortoise shells and real life (getting slightly blurred) Could do with a sit down.

Butterflies and birdseat 2

The Family

A quick photo of the completed ‘family’. A muntjac, rabbit, badger and three very weathered sheep skulls. Looking forward to getting the imagination on them. Already commissioned for a voodoo style photo for a band… Should be fun! Or very macabre.


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