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Happy Halloween!

Skull doll

Happy Pre-Halloween!

Hope you have a spooky time!

Skull doll


Vintage doll

Skull 21

Skull 21


Morass Of Molasses

This is my mate Bones from Morass of Molasses. He likes to pose. Listen to them here

He also likes to fall in drum kits and people.

Morass of Molasses

Scary Dolls Come Home

The dolls didn’t sell at our auction this week so I decided, in my stupidity, to bring them home… They came with names. Now they have names it makes them more real. This was the view from my bed last night. Needless to say the whole household didn’t sleep very well, I think it was a full moon too! Sleeping with one eye open.

Scary Dolls

The Muntjac Skull Photoshop Brushes

The muntjac skull in photoshop brush form. Over at Deviantart, perfect for a spooky halloween!!

Download HERE

15 Muntjack Skull

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