Halloween Doll Brushes For Photoshop

I am primarily a macro and macabre photographer. However I take a lot of photos for my work in an auction house and have a lot of spare images from personal projects.

I aim to create brushes and backgrounds with these photos, from bones to shells, Victorian furniture, clocks, jewellery, toys and the very strange.

If anyone gets ideas and uses any of the images then it would be a pleasure to see them. All I ask is for people to link to either my website http://www.shellystillphotography.co.uk or on Deviantart  or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shellystillphotography

For commercial use please contact me first studio@shellystillphotography.co.uk

Link to the 12 Antique Dolly Eyes http://shellystillphoto.deviantart.com/art/12-Antique-Dolly-Eyes-406943548

Link to the 15 Noses and Mouths http://shellystillphoto.deviantart.com/art/16-Antique-Dolly-Mouth-and-Noses-406944560

Eyes 2 Eyes Noses


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