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Not one to take selfies of myself, however the new hat needed showing off. Owley is thinking dinner.



Now I’ve finally moved house and have a desk to work on I’ll be working on some 3D sculptures for an art exhibition in August. I’ve really been wanting to mess about with liquids again too. This is an old image that made me remember how fun (and messy) it is

Space 4Space 4, available at Society 6 as a print

Suicidal Turkey Comic

So, not quite photography, but I wrote a mini comic (graphic novel) many years ago and unearthed it when I recently moved house. I do not pretend to be the worlds best artist, but it did amuse me. This was before the days of photoshop!

Suicidal Turkey Comic 1Suicidal Turkey Comic 2

Suicidal Turkey Comic 3Suicidal Turkey Comic 4Suicidal Turkey Comic 5


Pitts Rivers and Natural History, Oxford

Spent the Sunday in the best museums in Oxford. Pitts Rivers and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The added bonus was to meet Ben Garrod and get to talk dead squirrel tactics for a bit (thanks sir!).

I discovered a few things. I am not longer freaked out by human skulls. Elephant skulls however disturb me greatly. Dinosaurs still rule. *Shelly Still, 35 regressing to 10 year old*

Oh, and speaking of squirrels, this little dude followed me back to the train station.


Fish Brain

Fish Brain

Fish Brain, inspired by Francis Bacon and Aliens. Buy from

Balancing Act



Skull 18 and Skull 19, available from

Here’s looking at you

Skull 17Skull 17, available to buy at

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