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The Phoenix

I had been wanting to get into 3D art for a long time and finally it brewed. I have been involved in an exhibition and the idea of reclaiming and recycling items reminded me of twisting drinks cans into shapes when I was a kid. I also worked as an engineer with my dad so metal is in the blood (shards in the bloodstream!). So I started collecting discarded cans in the street. After hours of cutting them into ‘feathers’ and twisting metal wire for the bones I came up with the Phoenix (part 1 probably). Would be great to hear opinions and comments. I’ve just bought a vapor mask to start another piece, the glue tripped me out making this one!


IMG_6117swm  IMG_6123swm


Old Scout Photographs, early 20th Century

I work in an auction house and we often have photography artifacts coming in. These were in an old scout book.

Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3 Lady Castle Scout 4 Scout 5



Not sure if this works best as a triptych or as singular images, but, well, giving something new a try.

Six Spot Barnet Moth

I found the chrysalis of this six spot barnet moth a week ago. It decided to race out and dry off before I got chance to see it happening. However it was happy to dry off on a flower outside for a bit before flying away.

Six spot barnet moth




Barnet Moth

Good Fortune

Good Fortune


piranhaThis wont be at the exhibition… Better will…

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