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Pre 1950’s X-Rays

I found some very old x-rays in an ivory turners briefcase. The gentleman died in 1953 so I am presuming the x-ray would easily be pre-1950’s

Two are of plants and the other I’m presuming is a leg bone, probably human. If anyone has any other thoughts let me know!

img-160126114935-0001f img-160126115317-0001f img-160126115349-0001f

Paint Doodling 

Bit of a paint doodle to take the mind off busy times 


Finally, snow! 

Finally we get a bit of snow in the south east of England. It didn’t last long


Abandoned Ted 2

Abandoned Ted 2 - Shelly Still

Abandoned Ted

We get a lot of these in the auction house.

Abandoned Ted - Shelly Still

First video

Tried to edit, add music and filter a video today. It was amusing. Of corse it’s a cat video

Knife work 

Old photo, knife, scan, filter, invert, phone filters, stop 


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