Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sad Marble Man

It was a long night last night, that ended up with an early morning start. Darn insomnia. I threw my childhood marbles on the floor and started taking photos at 6am. Seems that Sad Marble Man was not happy with that time of day either.

What artistic imaginary do you get up to when your wide eyed in the middle of the night?

Sad Marble Man - Shelly Still

Raccoon Skull With A Bite Of Filter

I can’t resist a bit of filtering to create a texture over basic images. I’ve been shooting skulls for my Shutterstock¬†account (a girl’s gotta make a living) and this raccoon skull stood out. I was going for a more alien feel, with a hint of wild west…

Raccoon Skull - Shelly Still

Skullhead (reprise)

Old photo, knife, scan, filter, invert, revert, reprise

Skullhead - Shelly Still

Vintage Accordion

You never know what’s going to land up in the auction house. This week a vintage accordion

The Accordian fff.jpg

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