The Great iPhone Switch Off 2017 Part 4

Tuesday 17th January

I was staring at a guy playing pokemon on the train. I was focused so hard I didn’t notice him staring at me with a look that said ‘are you going to steal my phone or touch my crotch’

It’s been a dull day at work, I see how the iphone can be a good distraction when there’s nothing really to do, guess it’s trying to find the fine line. This morning I was thinking about selling the iphone and buying a neat little compact camera (my GOD their resale value is worse than a used sofa!) but this evening I need a distraction from some sad news, and I can’t really get into photos, or drawing. Not actually sure what the iphone has to distract me, apart from its harsh rays of light embedding into my retinas. Maybe if I just shine the Bricks flashlight in my eyes it might have the same effect. Yep, not only does it have a flashlight, but a basic calendar and calculator too. All for £6.50!
Anyhow calls – 0 Texts – 0 … Twitchy digits – 10.



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