The Great Switch Off 2017 – Switched ON

Well, the great switch off lasted five days. Then after a 25 minute phone call the Brick got hot. Opened it to find the battery denting itself! Now, I’ve read about the exploding Samsung phones, so I didn’t want to get blown up by a £6.50 Nokia. I’m back on the iPhone. I had about three whatapp messages from the Boyfriend. Now, if someone you live with can’t remember you don’t have apps then what chance does everyone else have!

We are switched on. There’s no off button now, unless you want to live in a cave and have no attachment with society. I gained a few extra chapters of a book, maybe a bit of a straighter back from not looking down so much by switching off the iPhone. I lost the chance of catching a rare Pokémon. Was it worth it? Maybe if I get my £6.50 back from Tesco and swap it for beer.

Nokia haven’t got back in touch about the battery. Shame on you Nokia.


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