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I’ve added a design to be scored on Threadless. This one. And it would be rather marvellous if any of you wonderful people would like to here

Score my design “Cubist Pup” on @Threadless! https://www.threadless.com/designs/cubist-pup-2?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Design-Approved-Shared

Woo Weeee!

Well, that was a long break, lost the password, then the ad blocker blocked everything… Yada yada…

Here we go then!

Cubist Pup Full BlueSkull Doll NeonDouble KittenPecking OrderPussy Cat ParadeUntitled_Artwork-1(4)What's New Pussy Cat

You can probably tell I’m very into doodling! And these designs look GREAT on a t-shirt (hint hint!)

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Thanks for getting to the bottom of the post.

Graffiti Love

When you mess around with love this is what you getgraffiti-heart-valentines-shelly-still

Prints, and other items available at RedBubble Zazzle and Society6


Eggs for dinner, eggs for lunch, one more egg and I’ll get the hump. (Looking forward to a day with the paints tomorrow!)

The Great Switch Off 2017 – Switched ON

Well, the great switch off lasted five days. Then after a 25 minute phone call the Brick got hot. Opened it to find the battery denting itself! Now, I’ve read about the exploding Samsung phones, so I didn’t want to get blown up by a £6.50 Nokia. I’m back on the iPhone. I had about three whatapp messages from the Boyfriend. Now, if someone you live with can’t remember you don’t have apps then what chance does everyone else have!

We are switched on. There’s no off button now, unless you want to live in a cave and have no attachment with society. I gained a few extra chapters of a book, maybe a bit of a straighter back from not looking down so much by switching off the iPhone. I lost the chance of catching a rare Pokémon. Was it worth it? Maybe if I get my £6.50 back from Tesco and swap it for beer.

Nokia haven’t got back in touch about the battery. Shame on you Nokia.

The Great iPhone Switch off Part 5

Wednesday 18th January

Nothing to report. Apart from almost turning the iphone on to take a photo to email to someone. Picked up the SLR instead and did it through the desktop computer that was already on anyway. Things I miss – Banking app. Things that have changed in my life since switching off – quite frankly, nothing. I’m still finding ways to dodge focusing. I’m not missing it though. It’s proved that I can easily live without an iphone. I’ll give it til the weekend and probably turn it back on again.

(if it wasn’t freezing cold I would probably miss it more as I’d be out more. I have everything that’s on the iPhone on the desktop, that’s always on, the kindle, that’s always on… Maybe switching off ALL technology could be the next experiment)
Text – 0 Calls – 0


The Great iPhone Switch Off 2017 Part 4

Tuesday 17th January

I was staring at a guy playing pokemon on the train. I was focused so hard I didn’t notice him staring at me with a look that said ‘are you going to steal my phone or touch my crotch’

It’s been a dull day at work, I see how the iphone can be a good distraction when there’s nothing really to do, guess it’s trying to find the fine line. This morning I was thinking about selling the iphone and buying a neat little compact camera (my GOD their resale value is worse than a used sofa!) but this evening I need a distraction from some sad news, and I can’t really get into photos, or drawing. Not actually sure what the iphone has to distract me, apart from its harsh rays of light embedding into my retinas. Maybe if I just shine the Bricks flashlight in my eyes it might have the same effect. Yep, not only does it have a flashlight, but a basic calendar and calculator too. All for £6.50!
Anyhow calls – 0 Texts – 0 … Twitchy digits – 10.


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