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TV Skull


Stripe Skull - Shelly Still

Stripe Skull Triple - Shelly Still

Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6

Bear In A Box

Because everyone likes teddy bears

Bear In A Box - Shelly Still

Print available on RedBubble and Society6

Skank Cat

This is not our cat, she has one eye, is very old, and comes over when it’s a bank holiday (probably grand kids at her own house) Last winter she was nearly dead in front of our house so we brought her in and she stayed for a month. We didn’t mind. Then a few weeks later she came back wearing a collar. We call her Skank. She has history in that eye.

Skank Cat - Shelly Still

Death Fish

Death Fish

I’ve been gone a while, writing and painting. Here, have a death fish. One of the photos used in the zombie comic.

Here’s looking at you

Skull 17Skull 17, available to buy at http://society6.com/shellystill


I was sent a munjac skull in the post, but it arrived broken. After a tustle with eBay and getting it for free finally I decided to get the pliers to the broken jaw and pull out its teeth.

So of course I made the alphabet out of it. Upper, lower and numbers. I’ll be sticking the lot up soon for people to use. But for now this was made for the band Morass of Molasses.

Morrass Of Molasses


He is my hero at the moment. Ginger, angry, but loves his evening noogies. If only humans could be that easy to figure.

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