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First Exhibition Curated and Exhibited

I had the opportunity to abuse the hall in the auction house I work at while there was a break in sales. Why not turn it into an art exhibition space! Artists from around the UK hung their work and bands played. There were old friends, new acquaintances made and opportunities to be grabbed by both hands. For a first exhibition at the auction house and for many of the artists it wasn’t too shabby at all. Have already been given the green light for the next one. I still have some prints and larger canvases for sale. Contact studio@shellystillphotography.co.uk for more info

Art Exhibition


Abandon Ted


Scary Dolls Come Home

The dolls didn’t sell at our auction this week so I decided, in my stupidity, to bring them home… They came with names. Now they have names it makes them more real. This was the view from my bed last night. Needless to say the whole household didn’t sleep very well, I think it was a full moon too! Sleeping with one eye open.

Scary Dolls

Scary Dolls

I hate dolls and I have to work with them way too much.

Poor Old Ted

Only one eye and not enough stuffing to hold his head up, poor old ted.

one eye ted

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