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Summer – An Accurate Self Portrait

If the past week’s weather in the UK has anything to go by this will be me until October!

Melted Ice Cream Illustration - Shelly Still

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Starfish Summer on The Glitter Sea

I’m pretty sure now I have the seaside on the brain! Starfish Glitter - Shelly Still

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Hailing Island (the Sandy Point)

Managed a second mini get-a-way this year down to Hailing Island. Unfortunately I was full of cold so didn’t get to explore as much as I’d like but the harbor and estuary was a stones throw away. I had time to mess around with the filters on the camera for once instead of photoshopping. A couple still have the filters on.

MDS_7569swm MDS_7594swm MDS_7595swm MDS_7597swm










Well… That was an unexpected Friday the 13th, usually I get away with them being good to me. But, nope, no lotto win and back to being an ‘I’ instead of a ‘we’. But, ho hum, cameras are there for life… *crosses fingers*

It is no surprise that I started looking at holiday photos today and come across a few old ones that I messed around with a bit in photoshop. Now, if someone could whisk me away to some sandy haven I would be grateful!



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