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Many Many Skulls

Cause I’m really up for Halloween this year! For the digital and analogue fans out there…

Many Skulls LaptopMany Skulls Notebook

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Dem Bones

Many many bones

Bird SkullsPrintPrint

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Pre 1950’s X-Rays

I found some very old x-rays in an ivory turners briefcase. The gentleman died in 1953 so I am presuming the x-ray would easily be pre-1950’s

Two are of plants and the other I’m presuming is a leg bone, probably human. If anyone has any other thoughts let me know!

img-160126114935-0001f img-160126115317-0001f img-160126115349-0001f

The White Rabbit Ran Late

The White Rabbit Ran Late swm

Abstracts of Death

Some close ups of the ever increasing skull collection

IMG_2541swm IMG_2536_1_1swm IMG_2498_1swm IMG_2491_1swm IMG_2470swm IMG_2467_1swm IMG_2447swm




Not sure if this works best as a triptych or as singular images, but, well, giving something new a try.

B-Side Babies

Some b-sides from the skull shoot a few months back. Been running low on ideas, collected more skulls though!





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