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Dem Bones

Many many bones

Bird SkullsPrintPrint

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Pre 1950’s X-Rays

I found some very old x-rays in an ivory turners briefcase. The gentleman died in 1953 so I am presuming the x-ray would easily be pre-1950’s

Two are of plants and the other I’m presuming is a leg bone, probably human. If anyone has any other thoughts let me know!

img-160126114935-0001f img-160126115317-0001f img-160126115349-0001f

The White Rabbit Ran Late

The White Rabbit Ran Late swm

Abstracts of Death

Some close ups of the ever increasing skull collection

IMG_2541swm IMG_2536_1_1swm IMG_2498_1swm IMG_2491_1swm IMG_2470swm IMG_2467_1swm IMG_2447swm




Not sure if this works best as a triptych or as singular images, but, well, giving something new a try.

B-Side Babies

Some b-sides from the skull shoot a few months back. Been running low on ideas, collected more skulls though!





Taxidermy 2 (not for the faint hearted)

So, I said I was going to wait at least a day until I attempted part two, but, I got impatient. So out came the cotton wool, a bit of twisted wire and some thread.

photo 1(2)So, the first thing to do was stick the wire up into the brain, the brain that is probably still there, but we will try and forget about that bit for now. Then start to stitch up at the neck. Yep, I’m seriously bad at sowing. Thankfully I was taking special care not to sow up the feathers, so they hid the sowing sins!

photo 2(2)It was fiddly as hell to be honest, but I’m surprised I didn’t tear any of the skin, a  lot of the sites said first time you probably would. That wire dislodged a few times too. But I got into it, so into it that I forgot to take any more photos… Til the end!

photo 3And this is the finished chaffinch. I’m amazed it didn’t come out like a one legged mutant screaming to be killed. Thinking of a way to get wire into the legs and wings to make it fully posable.

So, a few things I have learned on the way

1. I think taxidermying a frozen bird might be easier than a just dead one, a lot less blood and gore. Believe me when the other bits thawed out they looked and smelt horrendous!

2. I’m shocked I didn’t throw up, to be honest I looked at the gutting bit as cutting up a chicken and the sowing bit as sowing leather.

3. I think EVERYONE that eats meat should do this at least once in their lives. If you can get through it and eat meat after then you deserve to be a carnivore

Not sure if I will do this again, but it was pretty fascinating.


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