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When You Get More Than You Bargined For!

When you think you’ve taken a pretty good shot of a small damsonfly eating an aphid and then zoom in and find there are a lot more things living on that dandilion!!

Damson Eating Nymph - Shelly StillDamson Eating Nymph Close Up - Shelly Still

Sock on when rambling in the back garden again!!

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Doll Plaque II

Doll Plaque 2

Butterfly reprise

Been pretty busy with a butterfly art project for a while so the photography has been at rest. Had the gruesome task of cutting off wings at the weekend…


Butterfly wings

Butterfly cut out

Well, that was a long few days…

Yeah, I admit, it has been a while. Blame a new job for getting in the way. Things are settling down though thankfully and I can start sneaking blogs at work.

Been a bit obsessed with butterflies of late, and working in an auction house has given me access to some very old dead ones.

Butterflies and birdseat 1 s Butterflies and birdseat 2 s MDS_5380_1 MDS_5444_1 MDS_5459_1

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