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The Butterfly Collection

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph a Victorian collection of butterflies. These were some of the results.

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Doll Plaque III

Doll Plaque III

Butterfly Disco 2

Butterfly Disco 2 by Shelly Still

Butterfly Disco

Bright colours for grey weather

Butterfly disco, start of a new set of photos.

Butterfly Disco by Shelly Still

The Butterfly, The Ant and The Spider

Amazing the life and death you see in the back garden. Shot with a new macro lens and cheap ring flash

Small butterfly

Spider and flying ant

More bugs






Six Spot Barnet Moth

I found the chrysalis of this six spot barnet moth a week ago. It decided to race out and dry off before I got chance to see it happening. However it was happy to dry off on a flower outside for a bit before flying away.

Six spot barnet moth




Barnet Moth

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