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That Cat in the Hat

It’s that cat in the hat again, blue blue monochrome

Cat Head With Hat - Shelly Still

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Woo Weeee!

Well, that was a long break, lost the password, then the ad blocker blocked everything… Yada yada…

Here we go then!

Cubist Pup Full BlueSkull Doll NeonDouble KittenPecking OrderPussy Cat ParadeUntitled_Artwork-1(4)What's New Pussy Cat

You can probably tell I’m very into doodling! And these designs look GREAT on a t-shirt (hint hint!)

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Thanks for getting to the bottom of the post.

Stubborn Cat

When you can’t leave work and all you have is a pencil doodle and photoshop…

Stubborn Cat


Skank Cat

This is not our cat, she has one eye, is very old, and comes over when it’s a bank holiday (probably grand kids at her own house) Last winter she was nearly dead in front of our house so we brought her in and she stayed for a month. We didn’t mind. Then a few weeks later she came back wearing a collar. We call her Skank. She has history in that eye.

Skank Cat - Shelly Still

First video

Tried to edit, add music and filter a video today. It was amusing. Of corse it’s a cat video

This Face Sums Up That Monday Feeling

Monday Feeling

Tiger, Tiger

It was a barmy hot afternoon in the jungle… OK, I lie, I went the zoo and took this photo through the glass. Beautiful creatures, I struggle with zoos. On one hand they are the only place people get to see and learn about animals and it helps bring awareness to endangered species. On the other hand no wild animal should be kept behind glass. I always wonder if he is dreaming of chasing gazelles.

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