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The Halloween Collection, Puff and The Cheerleader

Bit early this year maybe…¬†Why why why why why why do people collect these freaky things!
I call these two Puff and Cheerleader.
Nightmares? You’re welcome.

Freaky Halloween Doll 1 Puff - Shelly Still

Freaky Halloween Doll 2 Cheerleader - Shelly Still

Prints available at RedBubble and Society6

A Day OF Horror Dolly’s

They always turn up a bit broken at the auction house.

Horror Dolly 1 - Shelly Still

Horror Dolly 2 - Shelly Still

Doll Plaque III

Broken 3 swm

Broken 1 swm


Fish Brain

Vintage doll

Abstracts of Death

Some close ups of the ever increasing skull collection

IMG_2541swm IMG_2536_1_1swm IMG_2498_1swm IMG_2491_1swm IMG_2470swm IMG_2467_1swm IMG_2447swm



The Butterfly, The Ant and The Spider

Amazing the life and death you see in the back garden. Shot with a new macro lens and cheap ring flash

Small butterfly

Spider and flying ant

Sticky Fingers

What to do with decapitated dolly fingers?

Sticky Fingers swm

Sticky Fingers 2 swm

The Cause Of Bad Luck

Some believe that peacock feathers bring bad luck, others say the eye is a protector. Ever since I had the feathers in the house a string of bad luck followed me. They soon vanished. However the colours did not.

Peacock 1swm Peacock 2swm Peacock 3swm Peacock 4swm Peacock 5swm

The Cocky Owl

I call this one the (pea)cocky owl.

Peacock 3swm

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