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Neon Ice Cream

I wish it was ice cream…

Prints, and other items available at RedBubbleand Society6


TV Skull


Stripe Skull - Shelly Still

Stripe Skull Triple - Shelly Still

Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6


Now I’ve finally moved house and have a desk to work on I’ll be working on some 3D sculptures for an art exhibition in August. I’ve really been wanting to mess about with liquids again too. This is an old image that made me remember how fun (and messy) it is

Space 4Space 4, available at Society 6 as a print

The Cause Of Bad Luck

Some believe that peacock feathers bring bad luck, others say the eye is a protector. Ever since I had the feathers in the house a string of bad luck followed me. They soon vanished. However the colours did not.

Peacock 1swm Peacock 2swm Peacock 3swm Peacock 4swm Peacock 5swm

Saves The World

Much to my housemates disgust I spent the summer cultivating moulds and spores in the conservatory. They are pretty fun when you add food colourings. Made a superhero!

Saves the World

Space (But Not As We Know It)

After a massive hiatus I have been coming up with some really crackers ideas of late, involving a lot of colours and organic material (can’t give too much away!). I am pretty proud of the new set to be honest, I think it is some of the best work I have done. Hope you enjoy them…



I have prints etc for sale at Red Bubble, http://www.redbubble.com/people/shellystill/portfolio as well as some other photos.

Looking forward to the next planned set, though I am keeping that well under my hat until I finish them.


I have started this blog with the idea that it will spur me into taking a photo everyday… Though I have a lot of back up if I miss a day! It also gives me a chance to put photos out there that wouldn’t work in any of my sets on other sites.

So then, here we go, first one… From one of the sets I have put up at my flickr (I know, cheating already!!!) but I have spent so long updating all the sites I have no time to think about picking up a camera!

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