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Woo Weeee!

Well, that was a long break, lost the password, then the ad blocker blocked everything… Yada yada…

Here we go then!

Cubist Pup Full BlueSkull Doll NeonDouble KittenPecking OrderPussy Cat ParadeUntitled_Artwork-1(4)What's New Pussy Cat

You can probably tell I’m very into doodling! And these designs look GREAT on a t-shirt (hint hint!)

Save a starving artist! – Prints, and other items available at Threadless Zazzle and Society6

Thanks for getting to the bottom of the post.

Broken Eggs (The Walking Dead)

A smashing time was seen on the Walking Dead…

… I give you The Breaking Eggs!

Prints, and other items available at RedBubble Zazzle and Society6


Sheepy Sheep! (Nearly Easter!)

Originally an idea to make a book about ‘Sheepy Number 4’ for my friend’s little girl it stopped when I ran out of poem and had far too many sheep. So I made some cute cards for Easter, cause it’s close enough.

Prints, and all that available at RedBubble Society6 and Zazzle


More Digestive Issues!

Coming from a household of lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, high alcohol consumption and a love of pizza pooping is quite high on the list of things talked about.
I’ve been taking a break from the usual macabre photography to learn Adobe Illustrator, and was hoping to learn how to draw skulls, broken dolls, the usual things on my list. But nope, right over the other side of the spectrum comes these ‘Poo People’. I can’t help but love them, and everything I’m designing is suddenly cute, colourful and wonderfully childish. Guess I had to finally balance out the macabre goth inside.
I do have prints and all that available at Redbubble, Zazzle and Society 6, if you’re mad about poo as I am!
I think Tom and Malcolm are my personal favorites.

Prints, and all that available at RedBubble Society6 and Zazzle


Because Your Digestion Is Fun!

So, poo. Some people love talking about it, other people don’t. Turns out I like drawing it!

Prints, and all that available at RedBubble Society6 and Zazzle


Parasitic Zombie Horror Comic

A nightmare that grew legs and walked, into gore, and parasites, and zombies.

Page 1 +2swm

Page 3 + 4 swm

Page 5 +6 swm

Page 7 + 8 swmAll photography, art work and words copyright Shelly Still

Suicidal Turkey Comic

So, not quite photography, but I wrote a mini comic (graphic novel) many years ago and unearthed it when I recently moved house. I do not pretend to be the worlds best artist, but it did amuse me. This was before the days of photoshop!

Suicidal Turkey Comic 1Suicidal Turkey Comic 2

Suicidal Turkey Comic 3Suicidal Turkey Comic 4Suicidal Turkey Comic 5


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