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Nonchalant Penguins

When one penguin is not enough



Penguin 3

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Money, Lack of it and a Sketch of a Naked Woman

The inevitable question I think every creative person faces at least once in their lives is ‘do I follow my aspirations to create, or do I join the real world and really focus on a career?’

I mean what is the real reason for us being on the earth? To get a mortgage, spend half your life in a place you’d rather not be in order to afford a mortgage… Eat junk food to fill up that weird void (that void is usually depression from suppressing your natural creative urges).

Anyway, I digress. I’m currently working out if I can afford to take three days off a month to be creative and hopefully make money from it… Ouroboros. Also, how on earth do you push your art onto the world without becoming the corporate monster you want to leave behind.

Money money money, you dirty whore. We love you, we hate you, we can’t live without you.

I’ll just keep on waiting.

FullSizeRender (4)


Planet Child

Planet Child

I bought a scanner for another project I’m doing at the moment with cartoons.

Ended up grabbing some transparent plastic and a mirror and fiddling around with other ideas!

Website Updates!

So, spending the Friday night watching aliens and updating the new website. I know how to PARTY!


Minnie’s there in the sketches…


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