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TV Skull


Stripe Skull - Shelly Still

Stripe Skull Triple - Shelly Still

Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6

Skullhead (reprise)

Old photo, knife, scan, filter, invert, revert, reprise

Skullhead - Shelly Still

A Day OF Horror Dolly’s

They always turn up a bit broken at the auction house.

Horror Dolly 1 - Shelly Still

Horror Dolly 2 - Shelly Still

Doll Plaque III

Broken 3 swm

Broken 1 swm


Fish Brain

Vintage doll

Death Fish

Death Fish

I’ve been gone a while, writing and painting. Here, have a death fish. One of the photos used in the zombie comic.

Parasitic Zombie Horror Comic

A nightmare that grew legs and walked, into gore, and parasites, and zombies.

Page 1 +2swm

Page 3 + 4 swm

Page 5 +6 swm

Page 7 + 8 swmAll photography, art work and words copyright Shelly Still



Shadow Walker II

Shadow Walker II
Or ‘things go bump in the auction house’

Shadow Walker II by Shelly Still

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