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Asleep by the Pond


The days are shorter, the weather cold, time to think back to the summer sun

Prints, and other items available at RedBubble Zazzle and Society6


The Halloween Collection, Puff and The Cheerleader

Bit early this year maybe… Why why why why why why do people collect these freaky things!
I call these two Puff and Cheerleader.
Nightmares? You’re welcome.

Freaky Halloween Doll 1 Puff - Shelly Still

Freaky Halloween Doll 2 Cheerleader - Shelly Still

Prints available at RedBubble and Society6

A Day OF Horror Dolly’s

They always turn up a bit broken at the auction house.

Horror Dolly 1 - Shelly Still

Horror Dolly 2 - Shelly Still

Doll Plaque III

Broken 3 swm

Broken 1 swm


Fish Brain

Vintage doll

Doll Plaque III

Doll Plaque III



Nothing Left (To See)

After months of pulling and pushing you end up realising there’s nothing left to see


Broken (The Set)

Broken 1 swm Broken 2 swm Broken 3 swm Broken 4 swm Broken 5 swm Broken 6 swm Broken 7 swm

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