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Cats! Angry Grumpy Cats

Everyone loves a cat, even when you hate them. Meow.

Cat Angry CatCat Sleepy Cat

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Dem Bones

Many many bones

Bird SkullsPrintPrint

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Stock Images  at Shutterstock and Adobe Stock

Spider Spider Spider


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More Digestive Issues!

Coming from a household of lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, high alcohol consumption and a love of pizza pooping is quite high on the list of things talked about.
I’ve been taking a break from the usual macabre photography to learn Adobe Illustrator, and was hoping to learn how to draw skulls, broken dolls, the usual things on my list. But nope, right over the other side of the spectrum comes these ‘Poo People’. I can’t help but love them, and everything I’m designing is suddenly cute, colourful and wonderfully childish. Guess I had to finally balance out the macabre goth inside.
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I think Tom and Malcolm are my personal favorites.

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Sea Slime


Sea Slime – Prints available at Redbubble and Society 6

Stubborn Cat

When you can’t leave work and all you have is a pencil doodle and photoshop…

Stubborn Cat


Mad Crabs

To go with the previous Mad Germilines a few posts ago, we now have Mad Crabs. Taken from a pen doodle on a piece of scrap paper.

mad crabs - shelly still

Mad Germinline Multi small

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