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When You Get More Than You Bargined For!

When you think you’ve taken a pretty good shot of a small damsonfly eating an aphid and then zoom in and find there are a lot more things living on that dandilion!!

Damson Eating Nymph - Shelly StillDamson Eating Nymph Close Up - Shelly Still

Sock on when rambling in the back garden again!!

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Wilting Rose Collection


Wilting Rose 2 - Shelly Still

Wilting Rose 1 - Shelly Still

Wilting Rose in Blue - Shelly Still

The wilted rose collection, prints available at https://society6.com/shellystill and http://www.redbubble.com/people/shellystill


Sticky Fingers

What to do with decapitated dolly fingers?

Sticky Fingers swm

Sticky Fingers 2 swm

Land Sails

I’ve been tinkering with these shots for over a month now. Time to let them free before they are the death of me!

Rose on Water (well, in ice)



An idea that popped into my head when wanting to enter a ‘Rose On Water’ competition. Well, ice is water… Ended up getting a top 10 win for the first photo, though the second photo was more fun as it involved chipping up the ice with a knife. Definitely a project I’d like to do again at some point, when we have more room in the freezer!




Frozen Rose 1



Frozen Rose 5

Pensive ladybird

Ladybird on RoseI found this old photo when sorting out some folders and watching Community like a determined maniac (I pretend to hate the show, but just…can’t…stop…watching…) Originally I didn’t think very much of the shot, but time has made it one of my favorites.

Hells Bells

I’ve spent the day trying to sort out tons and tons of photos, I seem to like taking them, but not sorting them out, for months at a time. So I’ve jpeg’d, shrunk, watermarked, deleted… AGGHHHHHH! Does anyone else out there have the same issue? I’m thinking I need to start putting a calendar reminder each week or something!
Anyhow, Facebook is updated, that’s a start https://www.facebook.com/shellystillphotography and here are a few of the photos I’ve finally uploaded!


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