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Gemini Sins

A bit of a change from the usual. More photoshop action. More digital art than photography. It’s good to experiment!

Gemini Sins by Shelly Still swm

Shadow Walker II

Shadow Walker II
Or ‘things go bump in the auction house’

Shadow Walker II by Shelly Still

The Attack – Halloween Monsters

The Attack, the third in the monster series

The Attack by Shelly StillSTALKER CHASE ATTACK

Stalker Chase Attack

The Chase Halloween

The Chase

The Chase by Shelly Still

The Stalker Halloween

Get your horror on

Stalker by Shelly Still

The Dancer / Dancing

Halloween is on its way, the dancer dances.

The Dancer Dancing


So, a photo a day has already proved too much on the third day! I forgot yesterday…

I was watching a new BBC show called The Fades last night, utterly brilliant, but it reminded me of a ghost project I started about 10 years ago in college. Here are some of the ideas I started and never finished. Ahhh, the days of real film photography and a very basic photoshop!! I was a lot more inventive then, everything is too instant now a days, no time to think things through.

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