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When You Get More Than You Bargined For!

When you think you’ve taken a pretty good shot of a small damsonfly eating an aphid and then zoom in and find there are a lot more things living on that dandilion!!

Damson Eating Nymph - Shelly StillDamson Eating Nymph Close Up - Shelly Still

Sock on when rambling in the back garden again!!

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Butterfly reprise

Been pretty busy with a butterfly art project for a while so the photography has been at rest. Had the gruesome task of cutting off wings at the weekend…


Butterfly wings

Butterfly cut out

More Butterflies

More preserved butterflies came into the auction house… And back to my house for the weekend! Wish I could afford them but taxidermy and preserved insects seem to be going for a fortune at the moment!

MDS_7240fswm MDS_7244fswm MDS_7334fswm MDS_7350_2swm

Well, that was a long few days…

Yeah, I admit, it has been a while. Blame a new job for getting in the way. Things are settling down though thankfully and I can start sneaking blogs at work.

Been a bit obsessed with butterflies of late, and working in an auction house has given me access to some very old dead ones.

Butterflies and birdseat 1 s Butterflies and birdseat 2 s MDS_5380_1 MDS_5444_1 MDS_5459_1

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