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At the Bottom of the Garden

I’m fortunate to have an overgrown pond in the back garden that brings all the creatures to the yard.

Frog Face - Shelly StillIMG_7997sSmooth Newt - Shelly Still

All creatures were handled with great care and no hot studio lights used.

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Starfish Summer on The Glitter Sea

I’m pretty sure now I have the seaside on the brain! Starfish Glitter - Shelly Still

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Butterfly Disco 2

Butterfly Disco 2 by Shelly Still

Starting Halloween Early

Spooky times = Spooky SpiderSpider

The Butterfly, The Ant and The Spider

Amazing the life and death you see in the back garden. Shot with a new macro lens and cheap ring flash

Small butterfly

Spider and flying ant

More bugs







Some little guys posing for the camera, while I muck up about 80% of the shots trying to work out the new set up! The broken eyed grasshopper taking a poo is one of the highlight photos of my ‘career’





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