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Business is Cards

Got some business cards finally printed, after three weeks of making the most elaborate ideas, getting drunk and skipping it for a sassy disco bug, in gloss. 

Now to throw these around somewhere and maybe, just maybe, sell some art! 


Enjoying working with watercolour paper instead of canvas at the moment. Worked on two at once (OK, three, the other one went too far and split from over watering)  and came up with something Wolverine might have done at the age of three 

Highly enjoyable 

Paint Doodling 

Bit of a paint doodle to take the mind off busy times 


Website Updates!

So, spending the Friday night watching aliens and updating the new website. I know how to PARTY!


Minnie’s there in the sketches…


2012 the B-Sides

I had a set called 2012, these are the ones that never made the grade, even though I like them enough to want to put them somewhere! The shots were taken from a burnt metal bin, where all the paint had melted and bubbled. It was a fun day. The shots reminded me of an apocalypse/ end of the world scenario…

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