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Perfume… The Anger Girls

Found an old perfume bottle broken in half, I put it back together, filtered it half to death and came up with this. I’ll call it ‘the Anger Girls – A Poison’ perfume - Shelly Still


Space Child II

I’ve been too focused on stock photography of late, it was time to make some colour

Space Child 2 - Shelly Still

A Day OF Horror Dolly’s

They always turn up a bit broken at the auction house.

Horror Dolly 1 - Shelly Still

Horror Dolly 2 - Shelly Still

Doll Plaque III

Broken 3 swm

Broken 1 swm


Fish Brain

Vintage doll

A Day Of Teddy Bears

IMG_6865swmIMG_6870swmTed 2 by Shelly Still swmTed small shelly stillSeen The Light Shelly Still

Starting to get collections of images now, today is the day of the teds

Planet Child

Planet Child

I bought a scanner for another project I’m doing at the moment with cartoons.

Ended up grabbing some transparent plastic and a mirror and fiddling around with other ideas!

Blue in Grace

Blue in Grace By Shelly Still


Marble statue, digital manipulation

Peace by Shelly Still

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