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At the Bottom of the Garden

I’m fortunate to have an overgrown pond in the back garden that brings all the creatures to the yard.

Frog Face - Shelly StillIMG_7997sSmooth Newt - Shelly Still

All creatures were handled with great care and no hot studio lights used.

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Starfish Summer on The Glitter Sea

I’m pretty sure now I have the seaside on the brain! Starfish Glitter - Shelly Still

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Bokeh Glitter

When you end up using your new clothes as a photo project. I love bokeh.

Bokeh - Shelly StillBokeh 2 - Shelly StillBokeh 3 - Shell stillBokeh 4 - Shelly Still

Smashing skulls!

Been experimenting with turning photos into vectors and trying to shatter the lines. Still think I can push it further, but for now I’m happy with this result. Less mess than getting hammers to the real things! 

The Great iPhone Switch off Part 5

Wednesday 18th January

Nothing to report. Apart from almost turning the iphone on to take a photo to email to someone. Picked up the SLR instead and did it through the desktop computer that was already on anyway. Things I miss – Banking app. Things that have changed in my life since switching off – quite frankly, nothing. I’m still finding ways to dodge focusing. I’m not missing it though. It’s proved that I can easily live without an iphone. I’ll give it til the weekend and probably turn it back on again.

(if it wasn’t freezing cold I would probably miss it more as I’d be out more. I have everything that’s on the iPhone on the desktop, that’s always on, the kindle, that’s always on… Maybe switching off ALL technology could be the next experiment)
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The Butterfly Collection

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph a Victorian collection of butterflies. These were some of the results.

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Asleep by the Pond


The days are shorter, the weather cold, time to think back to the summer sun

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