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Wilting Rose Collection


Wilting Rose 2 - Shelly Still

Wilting Rose 1 - Shelly Still

Wilting Rose in Blue - Shelly Still

The wilted rose collection, prints available at https://society6.com/shellystill and http://www.redbubble.com/people/shellystill


Sticky Fingers

What to do with decapitated dolly fingers?

Sticky Fingers swm

Sticky Fingers 2 swm

Rose on Water (well, in ice)



An idea that popped into my head when wanting to enter a ‘Rose On Water’ competition. Well, ice is water… Ended up getting a top 10 win for the first photo, though the second photo was more fun as it involved chipping up the ice with a knife. Definitely a project I’d like to do again at some point, when we have more room in the freezer!




Frozen Rose 1



Frozen Rose 5

Pensive ladybird

Ladybird on RoseI found this old photo when sorting out some folders and watching Community like a determined maniac (I pretend to hate the show, but just…can’t…stop…watching…) Originally I didn’t think very much of the shot, but time has made it one of my favorites.

Hells Bells

I’ve spent the day trying to sort out tons and tons of photos, I seem to like taking them, but not sorting them out, for months at a time. So I’ve jpeg’d, shrunk, watermarked, deleted… AGGHHHHHH! Does anyone else out there have the same issue? I’m thinking I need to start putting a calendar reminder each week or something!
Anyhow, Facebook is updated, that’s a start https://www.facebook.com/shellystillphotography and here are a few of the photos I’ve finally uploaded!



I have recently been trying out some different lighting ideas, on a shoe string budget. Also for the first time I have attempted black and white. It was trial and error, as always, but this one shot has given me hope that I am on the right track!

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