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Many Many Skulls

Cause I’m really up for Halloween this year! For the digital and analogue fans out there…

Many Skulls LaptopMany Skulls Notebook

Prints, t-shirt, and other yums available at RedBubble Zazzle Threadless and Society6

Stock Images  at Shutterstock and Adobe Stock


Spider Spider Spider


Prints, and other items available at RedBubble Zazzle and Society6


The Halloween Collection, Puff and The Cheerleader

Bit early this year maybe… Why why why why why why do people collect these freaky things!
I call these two Puff and Cheerleader.
Nightmares? You’re welcome.

Freaky Halloween Doll 1 Puff - Shelly Still

Freaky Halloween Doll 2 Cheerleader - Shelly Still

Prints available at RedBubble and Society6

TV Skull


Stripe Skull - Shelly Still

Stripe Skull Triple - Shelly Still

Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6

Happy Halloween!

Skull doll


Vintage doll

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