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TV Skull


Stripe Skull - Shelly Still

Stripe Skull Triple - Shelly Still

Prints available at Red Bubble and Society 6

A Foggy Day

Foggy day

Typical after Halloween fog in Southern England. Keep expecting to see a zombie running up the path…

Happy Pre-Halloween!

Hope you have a spooky time!

Skull doll

Yeah, guess who forgot…

Totally forgot about this blog… D’oh!

I’ll try and keep it up again. To start with I went for a walk in the local park a few weeks back, also a few weeks back I saw a competition for Lakes and Rivers. Now I have the photo I have lost the competition! So, here it is… And with any luck I might find the comp and link it…


So, a photo a day has already proved too much on the third day! I forgot yesterday…

I was watching a new BBC show called The Fades last night, utterly brilliant, but it reminded me of a ghost project I started about 10 years ago in college. Here are some of the ideas I started and never finished. Ahhh, the days of real film photography and a very basic photoshop!! I was a lot more inventive then, everything is too instant now a days, no time to think things through.

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