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The Butterfly Collection

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph a Victorian collection of butterflies. These were some of the results.

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Asleep by the Pond


The days are shorter, the weather cold, time to think back to the summer sun

Prints, and other items available at RedBubble Zazzle and Society6

Old Scout Photographs, early 20th Century

I work in an auction house and we often have photography artifacts coming in. These were in an old scout book.

Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3 Lady Castle Scout 4 Scout 5


Bad Taxidermy and Unscrupulous Bastards

I mean I love bad taxidermy, or amusing taxidermy, but it seems to be suddenly popular and there are some unscrupulous bastards around that are killing for it. This is not the Victorian era, and as much as I have some skulls I always make sure they died naturally.
I mean end of the day there will be enough turkey, pig and cow skulls to lay over a county (or three) by the end of this month, and they are ground into dog food, burgers and ‘other’ so you don’t have to see it. I may come across as Morrissey but if you get offended by this then wonder why. You have probably eaten one ground up! (minus the wig)
Unexpected rant over.

Skull Wig

Walking to the Edge of the Unknown

Butterfly wings, silhouette image and a bit of photoshop magic

Walking to the Edge of the Unknown


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