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Time Flies

Having a massive busy on with the skulls, and voodoo, and tortoise shells and real life (getting slightly blurred) Could do with a sit down.

Butterflies and birdseat 2

Butterfly reprise

Been pretty busy with a butterfly art project for a while so the photography has been at rest. Had the gruesome task of cutting off wings at the weekend…


Butterfly wings

Butterfly cut out

And Even More Butterflies

MDS_7374_1 MDS_7405_1swm MDS_7443_2swm MDS_7472_2swm

More Butterflies

More preserved butterflies came into the auction house… And back to my house for the weekend! Wish I could afford them but taxidermy and preserved insects seem to be going for a fortune at the moment!

MDS_7240fswm MDS_7244fswm MDS_7334fswm MDS_7350_2swm

Pensive ladybird

Ladybird on RoseI found this old photo when sorting out some folders and watching Community like a determined maniac (I pretend to hate the show, but just…can’t…stop…watching…) Originally I didn’t think very much of the shot, but time has made it one of my favorites.

Well, that was a long few days…

Yeah, I admit, it has been a while. Blame a new job for getting in the way. Things are settling down though thankfully and I can start sneaking blogs at work.

Been a bit obsessed with butterflies of late, and working in an auction house has given me access to some very old dead ones.

Butterflies and birdseat 1 s Butterflies and birdseat 2 s MDS_5380_1 MDS_5444_1 MDS_5459_1

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